Nov 29, 2016

UpdatedMonday December 5, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.


Minutes of Executive Meeting

Vancouver Women’s Fastpitch League

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016


The meeting was convened in the Boardroom of the Meraloma Clubhouse. Called to order by Kristy McDonald at 7:02pm.

  1. Attendance


Jess Sanker


Vice President

Kristy McDonald



Lauren Proctor


Director, Umpires and Scheduling

Jacquie Scarlett


Director, League Development and Recruitment

Katie Jones


Director, Marketing and Social Media

Victoria Young


Director, Fundraising and Events

Dana Weeks


Director, Fields and Equipment

Nadine Nordby



Lindsay Dawson


Past President

Tara Williams



  1.  Job Descriptions (notes brought up from job descriptions sent out prior to meeting)
    1. Treasurer
      1. Clarified: ‘Financial Committee makes suggestions as to what the league should spend money on. Executive votes on it. Extraordinary items to be taken to team reps (eg. Pitching machine, league shirts)’
      2. Insurance – if we are sticking with South Hill, Jim would like the insurance paperwork sent to him as a whole before May 1st (Kristy is checking with Jess and Dana re dates as insurance runs April-Mar, so rosters might need to be sent in prior to April 1. Looking at sending 2016 rosters just so that teams are covered. Players can be added and removed once rosters have been submitted)
      3. Field Whitening – Tom Yipp contacts Katie Jones, he normally provides an invoice by our AGM for the previous season
      4. Website – need to remember to include/add 3.5% to players/teams who pay with a credit card, otherwise the league ends up eating that cost
    2. Director of Umpires and Scheduling
      1. Will be taking over scheduling
    3. Director of Fields and Equipment
      1. Field Whitening/lime is provided by Tom Yipp, prior to ice-breaker in April
      2. Parks Board needs to be contacted prior to start of season re pile of dirt for filling in puddles
    4. Director of Marketing and Social Media
      1. Needs to be made admin on FB page (Jenn Stevenson is still showing as Admin)
      2. Victoria updated the role from last season and sent it to Jess prior to meeting
      3. Team Reps need to get players/teams more involved with Instagram
      4. If after the 2017 season players aren’t participating then we scrap this position
    5. Director of Fundraising and Events
      1. Engraving done at Landmark on West 4th
      2. Trash Award & League Champs to be engraved  with 2017 winners  prior to playoffs, rest of awards to be engraved with 2016 season winners prior to playoffs
      3. Katie and Jacquie will get the trophies/plaques engraved before the AGM in January 2017
    6. Past President
      1. Does not have to attend meetings
      2. Still gets a vote, but if they do not attend the meeting they cannot vote
      3. Communication needs to be improved
  2. New Teams
    1. NV Avalanche will be joining our league. They will organize their home field and umpires. Their league fees will be pro-rated. Jess has contacted Mark to coordinate with NV Parks Board to get 10 games at a park, preferably McCartney
    2. Potential for a second NV team to join our league. Coming out of JR league and need players. They do not have a home field.
    3. Coquitlam Mudd Dogs might also be joining, but they do not have a home field.
  3. Playoffs
    1. Need to figure out dates as would like to push start of league to May 8th instead of May 1st. This gives us the possibility of better weather and will allow Reelers time to get back from the World Masters. Mabel League playoffs are July 21-23. Might look at having VWFL playoffs July 28-30.
  4. Debts
    1. Lauren will contact Jenn Stevenson re email from Tank Top company to sort out the mix-up re no payment.
  5. Dreams/Rob Egan
    1. Katie contacted Rob via text re email from league. He does not want to hear from the league and will not be returning as coach for Dreams next season. Katie told him that he is currently on a warning with the VWFL and that he is not allowed to coach.
    2. Jacquie will contact Pat Dooley and inform that Rob will not be returning to our league next season as a coach or spectator.
  6. Communications/Emails
    1. Emails need to be reviewed by the President (Jess) and/or Vice President (Kristy) before they are sent out to the executive to avoid misinterpretation
  7. Next Meeting
    1. AGM – Monday January 16, 2017
      1. All positions are up for grabs, but there are currently 3 empty positions to be filled: Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Marketing/Social Media.
      2. Need to note zero tolerance re umpire abuse at AGM
  8. Meeting Ended at 8:08pm. Motioned by Katie Jones, Seconded by Victoria Young. All in favour, carried.