Sept 26, 2016

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Minutes of Team Rep Meeting

Vancouver Women’s Fastpitch League

Monday, September 26, 2016


The meeting was convened in the Boardroom of the Meraloma Clubhouse. Called to order by Jess Sanker at 6:31pm


  1. Attendance


Jess Sanker


Vice President

Kristy McDonald



Lauren Proctor


Director, Umpires and Scheduling

Jacquie Scarlett


Director, League Development and Recruitment

Katie Jones


Director, Marketing and Social Media

Vicki Young


Director, Fundraising and Events

Dana Weeks


Director, Fields and Equipment

Nadine Nordby



Lindsay Dawson


Past President

Tara Williams



  1. How do we improve for next year?
    1. Feedback/ideas/plans
      1. Have a designated meeting schedule for executive/team rep meetings. Meetings can be held post-games during season
      2. Timeline/Calendar with due dates (insurance, rosters, fees)
      3. Schedule – only send out once executive have reviewed it to avoid issues
      4. Voting – Should teams involved in an incident/voting situation be included in the vote?
        1. Voting system needs to be clarified. Who gets a vote? Can we vote via email?
      5. 2017 should have a dedicated Constitution/Rules & Regulations meeting where the rules can be reviewed and edited as needed.
      6. Rules – do we want them? Are we going to start penalizing teams or following through with rules when they are broken?
      7. Insurance – do we all switch to Softball BC? Can we pay the $30 team fee thru SBC, but insure players through South Hill? Jim did not track roster changes
      8. Website Registration – all players should register individually, this way no one gets lost and we know that all players are registered/insured. Note there will be a cc charge per registration. Need to figure out how to charge players. Standard $150 registration fee per player so fees are no longer collected by teams and submitted to executive? Could potentially create surplus, or we could actually lose money depending on numbers. If N.Van team is getting a break on fees (providing a park and umpires for those games) how would their registration fee work? If there is a surplus, are teams getting reimbursed? Helps teams that are struggling and normally have high fees due to fewer players, but could cost more for teams that have 15+ players.
      9. Website – utilize more features including attendance tracking (ie Team Snap)
      10. Rainouts – need to clarify in rules/regulations. Suspend games and finish them instead of re-playing game?
      11. Meetings – Do we include Team Reps at executive meetings? Or keep them separate
      12. Communicate properly.
  2. Job Descriptions
    1. Jess will send out descriptions to each executive member to be reviewed prior to next meeting
  3. Scheduling Conflicts
    1. Are we able to have a set schedule? Probably not.
    2. Will be able to accommodate teams playing in other leagues? No. Unfair to other teams.
    3. Katie will talk to Tom Yipp re fields (Connaught men’s diamonds and South Hill)
    4. If schedule is taking a long time to be released, let teams know why
    5. Jess will look into other parks available in Vancouver.
  4. Umpire Refunds
    1. 1-umpire games: $22.50 refund
      1. Panthers x 1, Lomas x 2, Galaxy x 2, Rebels x 3
    2. There will be no refunds for forfeited games. Motioned at May 30th meeting, The forfeiting team forfeits the right to an umpire fee refund. The forfeited upon team shall receive their portion of the umpire fees at the upcoming season's AGM. Motioned by Vicky Young, Seconded by Kristy McDonald. All in favour, carried. 
    3. Team reimbursements to be handed out at AGM, not at playoffs, to encourage people to attend the AGM
  5. Dreams Incident
    1. Jess did not hear from umpires. Stache filed a police report, and apparently a report through the Umpire site.
    2. Pat Dooley contacted Jacquie in August
    3. Jess read Jacquie’s email/incident report
    4. Umpires who ump in our league are concerned, want to make sure they are safe and that this is addressed by our league
    5. Dana talked to Robb/Coralie/Rita
    6. Cannot prove the intent to leave the pitch, but need to address Rob’s conduct/behaviour
    7. Executive to write a letter to be emailed to him re complaint made. Katie will call him to follow-up to make sure he follows up with response. Email to include the complaint and that he is being put on notice, and could potentially be suspended for the upcoming season. He will then have 48 hrs to respond. If there is no response the VWFL Executive will take action.
    8. Zero tolerance for all future games.
    9. Tara will need to be contacted as head of the Protest Committee and included in process
      1. Note that Past President does not get a vote in league matters at Executive meetings. Only at AGM. Past President heads the Rule/Protest Committee. They do not have to attend Executive meetings.
  6. New Teams
    1. North Shore Avalanche is interested in joining our league, possibly bringing another North Van team and one from Coquitlam. Avalanche would be able to provide McCartney Park or Lynn Valley for 9 home games. They would cover the park permits and umpire costs.
      1. Avalanche would like to bat all players during league games. VWFL teams would be able to do so during those games. Playoffs will remain bat 9.
      2. Jess to email team reps (“we’re potentially introducing new teams to the league who have requested to bat all players instead of 9 at league games”) and get their feedback, which will be sent to Mark from North Shore Avalanche
  7. Outstanding debts
    1. Galaxy owes $400.00 to the Umpires Association for their ice-breaker tournament April 30-May 1. This was not a VWFL event.
    2. Jacquie has received 2 emails requesting payment, and has forwarded them to Tara Williams and Jenn Stevenson. Payment has not been made.
    3. Does the VWFL pay this fee and cancel their 2016 league reimbursement cheque and charge remainder of debt to 2017 league fees?
    4. Jacquie forwarded email to Tara and Jenn a third time asking this to be dealt with.
  8. Next Meeting
    1. Scheduled for Tuesday, November 29th @ 7pm @ Clubhouse.
    2. Go over roles/responsibilities, can we condense some roles?
    3. Invitation to attend the AGM (Monday, January 16th, 2017) to be sent early December

Meeting Ended at 8:26pm. Motioned by Jess Sanker, Seconded by Vicky Young.