July 5, 2016

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Minutes of Executive Meeting

Vancouver Women’s Fastpitch League

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


The meeting was convened in the Boardroom of the Meraloma Clubhouse. Called to order by Jess Sanker at 8:34pm.

  1. Attendance


Jess Sanker


Vice President

Kristy McDonald


Team Rep

Elicia Holt


Team Rep

Shelley Larson


Director, League Development and Recruitment

Katie Jones


Team Rep



Director, Fundraising and Events/Team Rep

Dana Weeks


Team Rep

Rita Chan


Secretary/Team Rep

Lindsay Dawson


Team Rep



  1. Playoff Rosters: These should be in by now.

    1. Forfeits not called at the field do not count towards games played, however, rainouts do.

  1. Game Balls

    1. These will be at the bar in the clubhouse. Each team needs to provide 2 new game balls.

  1. Playoff Rules

    1. These were provided at the meeting. Jess read through them. No changes made to the rules, except for the playoff year.

  1. Fence

    1. Every team is in favour of a fence.

    2. It was discussed that these should be set up on Friday night @ 200ft.

    3. Each team is required to assist in putting the fences in and taking the fences down.


  1. Fields

    1. Both teams playing are responsible for the field set-up and post-game maintenance.

    2. If a team plays another game immediately after, they are excused from post-game maintenance.

  1. Food

    1. A food truck will be available from 11am onwards on Saturday.

    2. BBQ on Sunday – responsibility for this is being put out to different teams/leagues. Otherwise, VWFL teams will be responsible. If teams get knocked out, they are required to assist.


  1. VWRSL

    1. They are not having play-offs the same weekend.

    2. They have requested a 50/50 draw on Saturday: Consensus is no.

  1. Fundraising + Events

    1. Dana needs playoff schedule so she can plan post-game Saturday social.

    2. Allocation of funds for prizes, etc. to be discussed by the financial committee via email.

  1. VWFL Playoff Fundraiser

    1. Twoonie toss at the social

  1. Trash Award

    1. Cut-off date for submissions is Wednesday, July 13th.

  1. Playoff Schedule

    1. 3 options discussed: double knock-out, 3 game guarantee, 4 game guarantee.

    2. Friday games – is this a possibility? Can we still set up the fence on Friday night?


Sanj motions to vote on the playoff schedule options, this is seconded by Kristy. Winner is 3 game guarantee: Rebel, Galaxy, Reelers, Dreams, Panthers For, Ice and Lomas against.

  1. Friday Games

    1. 2nd vs 7th or 3rd vs 6th

    2. Games to start at 6:45pm

  1. New Business

    1. Due to injuries of their pitchers, the Rebels need Julie for playoffs.


Dawson motions to vote on allowing Julie to play even if she does not get her five games in due to rainouts. Seconded by Katie. All in favour. Passed.


Sanj motions to vote on Nicky being allowed to play for the Panthers is she doesn’t get her 5 games in due to rainouts. Seconded by Shelley. All in favour except Reelers. Passed.

  1. Finances – Playoff Proposal


$300 for MVPs (league and tournament) to be spent on wine and gift cards.
$100 to be spent on draw prizes (to entice people into the 50/50 draw).
$25 for games (toonie toss, marsh mellows etc)- this should make money back.
$200 for BBQ (salads so teams don't have to make them, we will make this money back). Note: this only applies if the league does that BBQ.


Jason motions to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Sanj. All in favour. Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:02pm