April 21, 2016

UpdatedSaturday May 7, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.

April 21, 2016


1. Equipment

a) The equipment has been retrieved from Mahon

b) Glen took an inventory

c) The south diamond box is broken and it's repair is being looked into (needs welding.)

d) Balls, score books and line up cards distributed to team reps today


2. Food Truck

a) DeeDee's Greek food truck has been secured for the Saturday of finals


3. Schedule

a) Start times and Southhill rain reschedules were discussed (Slo-pitch would be given priority)

b.) It was decided that the league should scrap the use of Southhill altogether and rely only on Connaught permits as they are valid Monday through Friday



a) "vwfl.ca" has been released!

b) a trial of a TeamSnap like app will be on trial this year and rolled out next year

c) Team reps need to register teams asap.



a) $2.50/player registration fee included in team fees

b) Early bird deadline of May 5th


Courtesy Runners

a) Dana would like to request courtesy runners for her ailing team. This seemed  agreeable if it was discussed prior to the start of a game


Social Media

a) Team reps, tell your teams about VWFL on Instagram and Facebook!



a) On-going brainstorming is required



a) We are late. This will be done tomorrow. (Apr. 22nd)


Field Prep

a) This needs to be done - Raking, pulling weeds, etc.

b) Three teams will be assigned to the South Diamond and three teams to the North diamond. Divide and conquer.