March 29, 2016

UpdatedSaturday May 7, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.

March 29, 2016

Minutes for VWFL Executive Meeting | Mar. 29, 2016


Attendees: Jess Sanker, Jacquie Scarlett, Lindsay Dawson, Lauren Procter, Kristy McDonald, Nadine Norby, Vicki Young


Location: Meraloma Club House, Connaught Park


1. Tournaments

(a) Jess has booked two diamonds at Connaught Park for the finals Tournament, July 15th, 16th, 17th

(b) Lil - Cricket people need to resubmit the release of the permits (again) as they currently still hold them due to some sort of inexplicable error. As soon as this happens, the Lil can be officially booked.


2. Fields

(a) The second VWFL field will be South Hill Memorial, Tuesdays only. Still waiting on confirmation if we will have it every Tuesday. If not, some Friday games at Connaught may be scheduled.


3. Food Trucks

(a) We will have them for the Saturday of the finals tournament!


4. Schedule

(a) Kristy and Jacquie are going to take this on with the aid of software especially developed for this sort of thing.


5. Recruitment

(a) Signs and banners are being made to assist in recruitment efforts and increase VWFL visibility.

(b) Discussion was had about making sure people know that the league would happily accept new teams as well as individuals.


6. Semantics

(a) It's FastPITCH


7. Website

(a) Domain will be ""

(b) Jacquie has been a real champ working on the new website. Exec members are to provide her with user feedback as soon as possible so that any issues can be rectified before the website goes live


8. Equipment

(a) Dana, please fork over the keys.

(b) We are getting new locks and new keys for the equipment lockers.

(c) What new equipment do we need this year? This needs to be sorted.


9. Social Media

(a) Community Engagement.

(b) There will be FaceBook + Instagram contests with cash prizes ($10 and $25) - three sets of contests throughout the season.

(c) Official hashtag = #VWFL[baseball emoji].

(d) Vicki needs team rep email list.

(e) Team reps need to encourage all members to follow the VWFL on social media and encourage participation across platforms.


10. Advertising

(a) 10 posters per team for distribution (Starbucks, gyms, etc.)

(b) 2 banners @ $70 each.


11. Budget

(a) Payments for fees will have the option of cheque or Credit card.

(b) If teams opt not to use the credit card option, will they not be charged 3%?

(c) Fees same as last year, but have increased per team due to less teams in the league.

(d) Early bird rate of $1950 if paid by Apr. 25th, $2050 after April 25th. Amount still to be confirmed.

(e) Balls, score book and line up cards will be included in fees this year.


12. Membership Only Liquor Permit

(a) Katie is currently pursuing this for the Meraloma Club House.

(b) All members would be subject to a $10 annual membership fee.

(c) Fee is to be included in team league fees.

(d) Issuing of permit will be decided April 20th.


13. Not-For-Profit Permit.

(a) Jess is looking into this.

(b) We would be able to apply for grants and get stuff from the government.


14. Fundraising

(a) We need to do this! Let's brainstorm.


15. Socials

(a) Other leagues such as the Mabel League and the Moody League will be invited to VWFL social events for community building and possibly recruitment purposes.