Jan 25, 2016 (AGM)

UpdatedSaturday May 7, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.

2016 VWFL Annual General Meeting

January 25, 2016


Start Time: 7:06 pm

End Time: 7:29

Attendees: Lomas (3), Reelers (2), Panthers (3), Rebels (5), Galaxy (3), Corsa (2)



Director, Fields and Equipment: Nadine (Reelers)

Director, Fundraising and Events: Dana (Reelers)

Director, League Development and Recruitment: Katie (Lomas)

Director, Umpires and Scheduling: Jacqui (Panthers) (CONFIRM)

Director, Marketing and Social Media: Vicky (Rebels)

Treasurer: Lauren (Rebels)

Secretary: OPEN

Vice President: Kristy (Panthers)

President: Jess (Rebels)

Past President: Tara (Galaxy)

Members at Large: Elise (Rebels) and Jenn (Galaxy) (CONFIRM)



Western Games in August (Katie will get more info)

Andrea (Galaxy) has a friend who is interested in taping (more info)

Umpire shortage (Dana has more info)