Dec 8, 2015

UpdatedSaturday May 7, 2016 byJacquie Scarlett.

Dec 8, 2015


Role Def distribution

  • Will send in soft copy à Tara

Dana to look into quote for banners

  • Need more

Get additional quote for business cards à Tara to get quote


  • $299/year
  • Let’s do it


  • Dana to work with Wildcats
  • Dana connected with Tom – waiting to hear back
  • Need to book parks
  • April 20 à permits
  • Rugby à T/Th/Sat/Sun until May


Possible money making options:

Proposal for à M/Weds/Fri in March/April à sell back to rugby àput to a vote

World Masters à Aug 16-Sept 4

Need an option for I can’t afford it

  • payment plan? How do we have a safe way à bursary etc.

AGM – Thursday, January 28

  • Clubhouse
  • Look into getting into the liquor liscense
  • 1 free beverage
  • Food
  • Cards tables/flip cup à add some fun
  • Tara à
    • Send out rules/constitution etc. for comments etc.
    • Send out new role defs
  • Do we want to have a tournament
  • Bring us lists of what you need
  • Are we giving up North Van?


  • Photos for website
  • League recruitment
  • AGM details
  • Call out for volunteering for website
  • Executive positions
    • Vacancies

Fundraising/social events

  • Need to create a new role

Scheduler; Umpire coordinator/Liaison;

  • Schedule à Add to role
  • Tara, Dana and Jacquie meet to do schedule à book for January
    • Create a schedule
    • Need to have a rain out plan e.g. rained out Tuesday à play following Wednesday

Dana and Jacquie to connect on Umpires


  • Parks?

Can we extend league until end of July?

If we want to lend fields to another league e.g. VWRSL

  • Needs to be in writing

Interlock question with VWRSL – not enough teams

Can we give them a field on Monday

  • Once a week
  • After 1st two weeks?


  • Book gym time

Crossover with Mabel league

Reach out to

Ice Breaker

  • Jenn needs help to organize

Can we do a tournament in June?

  • Look at booking

Tara to contact Cricket to see if there is a weekend in June that we can have

Jenn to look into when Kaulius and Solodon are happening in 2016

Book fields for June 10/11

How do we book Loma clubhouse

  • Book our own licenses
  • Kickback?

Dana to send contracts to all exec

Jess to connect with a lawyer and get short list of pros/cons


  • Let me know if you are stepping down
  • Social Co-ordinator

Google Docs

  • VWFL
  • Move stuff from dropbox into google docs

Jess to contact Mabel League and Les Harry (Ravens), SFU/UBC/Langara/Cap U/Kwantlen

Is there a way for us to reach out to Moody to see if we can lend them our parks? Interlock with them?


  • Give Jenn budget for Marketing
  • Jenn to send short summary of marketing approach to exec
  • Jenn to proceed


  • Team pages
  • Online
  • Photo waivers


  • Need to be picked up